Saturday, September 13, 2014

15% off iPhone 6 for Verizon customers (update: maybe not)

UPDATE: The deal shown below probably won't work.   I called my local Staples' branch and asked if I would be able to pay for an iPhone with a Staples gift card and was told no.  If anyone tries this, please let me know your results.

UPDATE 2: Gift cards are now sold out

At the time of this writing, $100 Staples gift cards are surprisingly still available for $85 each (see this Quick Deal post for more info).  And, Staples is now offering iPhone 6 for pre-order (in-store only) for the Verizon network.  So, you should be able to use Staples' gift cards to pay for your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Each person can only buy up to two $100 gift cards for $85, so you may need a friend to help you buy additional ones if you plan to pay more than $200.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Safeway deal: Buy 2 variable load MasterCard or Visa gift cards and get $15 off your next purchase

Valid through October 7 2014:

Buy two VARIABLE load MasterCard or Visa gift cards (e.g. cards loadable up to $500) and get a coupon for $15 off your next Safeway purchase.  Its nice to see a deal on the type of cards we're likely to buy anyway!

Fishing4Deals has more details here.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Amazon Payments to stop allowing person to person payments

We knew it had to end sometime.  Amazon has announced via their Annual Notice email that person to person payments will no longer be accepted as of October 13th 2014.  This has been one of the few free and easy options for increasing credit card spend, so its very sad to see it go!  Make sure to get your September payments in this month and your October payments in by October 12th.

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Sears offering 9X via AAdvantage eShopping Portal. Double dip for 18X!


Through the AAdvantage eShopping Portal, Sears is currently offering 9 miles per dollar.   Terms & Conditions do allow gift cards so it is possible to buy an e-gift card (or, better yet, reload an existing gift card) to get 9X, then go through the portal again for another 9X!

After ordering gift card, speed up verification (if necessary) by calling 1-888-396-5299

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$100 Staples gift card for $85


GiftCardMall, on EBay, is currently offering Staples $100 gift cards for 15% off face value.

It used to be possible to use Staples' gift cards to buy other gift cards online (even Visa gift cards), but that is no longer the case.  I'd recommend buying this only to get a prepaid discount on actual Staples' purchases.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

$20 (or more) off a $55 Costco membership.

Through September 14, when you buy a $55 Costco membership through Living Social, they will throw in a $20 Costco gift card, plus a few extra goodies: 

- One apple pie 
- One rotisserie chicken 
- One 30-pack of two-ply bath tissue 
- Three months of free identity protection from Identity Guard 

See more details at Points and Pixie Dust

Thursday, September 4, 2014

An obvious portal price mistake: 40% cash back for Amex gift cards. Who's in?

Update: Deal is dead

Right on the heels of Amex gift cards being withdrawn from other portals, the cash back portal hoopla doopla seems to be offering 40% cash back for Amex gift cards. If you go for this, make sure to take screen shots and keep careful records. I think the chance of this being honored is very close to zero, but the potential payout is huge.

UPDATE: I added my referral link to Hoopla Doopla here.  The person who refers you earns 20% of anything you earn.

Notes about buying Amex gift cards:
1. Do not use promo codes
2. Do not pay with a Citibank card (since they will treat the purchase as a cash advance)